Last Words


These words will be last ones for me in this year.When we start the term I was afraid of Call course because I was thinking how I would do my reflections  and homeworks on the internet.I don’t have enough knowledge about computers  , tools  and etc. but at the end of the year I am thinking about that I enjoyed in course , with SEDAT AKAYOĞLU  and topics.We will use the topics in our classrooms and have idea in the future when someone asks about it.I have some problems about accessing the internet during the term but I tried to do homeworks maybe in bus , or at the coridor of the Faculty or Simit Sarayı 🙂

So I think that I got so many idea in the lessons. I hope that we  all finish the year happily.Sedat Akayoğlu , Thaks a lot for everything , for your smiling face and not memorizing , for creating.For a teacher that’s the point and must be point.

I hope we will see you next year …



Weebly is a  web building tool that  you can create  a simple step-by-step website . This tool is benefical for everyone I think.We can use this in every area.We did a website first year in University on Frontpage but weebly is new for us now and it is free for everyone.Actually , we can use this web page in our classrooms.We can give homeworks to our students on weebly.They can share what they think about lesson or they can talk about a day like a dairy maybe.It is useful for students’ writing skills.It is our final work also I hope we can do it 🙂


I think podcasting is a very benefical l tool that teachers can use in their Elt classrooms in speaking course. It is an alternative for students to increase their learning. Teachers can use podcasting effectively in class. It has also help learning out of the classroom. For , if a teacher share a podcast about education, her students can access the podcast and learn what she want to teach. It is also useful for students who couldn’t attend the class. They can  listen the subject from podcast later. Teachers also can give podcast  homework to developed students listening and speaking skills.

Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper

Well ,firstly  I wanna mention about digital storytelling.I think it is so beneficial for us in speaking class , reading class , writing and  listening course. You can add songs for listening course , maybe you can write some sentences for reading and writing part.You can talk about your movie maker for speaking part maybe.It is useful for a teacher.We will use it in some courses to make a digital story and record our voice.

Story jumper …

I like it so much because I can write my own  book , I will share whatever I want.They are so beneficial and useful for us.I should us them in our class.

facebook and twitter

Facebook and twitter … 

We are all familiar with both two of them.They are always with us.At school maybe when you’re bored , at home , bus etc.We use social media in everywhere.Especially , we share everything in Facebook and Twitter.Even we see our grades in facebook. I am also a user of facebook and twitter . I can share my photograps , videos and you can see your friends’ pictures , too.I think they are invention of years:) I met a question in a short time :

What would you do if you couldn’t find facebook and twitter when you wake up ?

This question was so good I think because I don’t want to think about it.It would be a nightmare for me:)

In twitter , you can see singer who you like so much , you can read their daily routines , too.It is so good 🙂 

That’s enough about facebook and twitter.We already all know them in advance.

We should use them in our courses as an English Teachers in the future.


Altough  I didn’t join to the course in the week of prezi teaching , I am familiar with the prezi. I can mention about it and what I feel about it.I met Prezi first before Sema teacher’s exam.I read some information about the Great Gatsby.  It was so enjoyable I think and when you look at something , you aren’t bored.It is like a game.You read one and jump the other one with fun.I also learnt that we will prepare a final homework with prezi.I think  that ı will enjoy when I do this homework.I still have a problem with the internet connectivity but I try to  write my posts despite too late.I liked prezi…  

LearnEnglish – British Council

Of course , there are so many groups in Facebook and they are beneficial for us , for ELT students.We , as a English teachers of the future, have to follow the new technology and use it in our classrooms. 

Learn English with the help of this free website from the British Council with games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises.

You will find lots of new listening activities and video content in Listen & Watch. It also has a new Grammar section and new IELTS exampractice materials.

The page is colorful and interesting either a student or a teacher.It has 173.191 likes now and ıt becomes more and more member day by day.It is opportunity for people who want to learn English.If you are an English teacher,you should follow it,